Material Design is a modern visual language for today's mobile world

Material Design is a visual language created by Google. It embraces the most fundamental principles of successful user interface design and synthesises it with modern, innovative technologies. The result is a system of design that allows for an intuitive, unified user experience across all digital technology.

Material Design on multiple devices

The Principles of Material Design

Material is the metaphor

Material Design is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of traditional paper and ink based mediums, yet it is technologically advanced and open to imagination.

Material Design uses the concept of surfaces and edges to provide visual cues that are grounded in reality.

Material Design uses the physical fundamentals of light, surface and movement to convey how elements within the user interface move, interact and exist in space and in relation to each other.

Bold, graphic, intentional

Material Design draws upon the foundational and familiar elements of traditional print based media to create visual cues that convey hierarchy, meaning and focus.

Effective use of colour, edge to edge imagery, typography and white space allow graphical interfaces to provide an immersive experience to users.

Emphasis on actions a user can take ensure that the core functionality is apparent and that way-points users can take are clear and present.

Motion provides meaning

Material Design respects the fact that the user is the prime mover for any user actions that initiate motion.

All user actions occur within a single environment. Interactive elements are presented to the user without breaking the graphical interfaces continuity.

Motion is always meaningful, appropriate, focused, subtle yet clear and efficient yet coherent.

Coloured cards place top of one another

Developed by Google

Material Design was developed and is openly shared by Google,
a company that understands the Internet and its users better than anyone.

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