I build, implement, maintain and manage small business websites as a service

Domain Name Management

I provide full domain management services.

New domains are registered against my business. If the client wishes to transfer ownership of the domain all administration fees charged by the domain authority will be passed onto the client.

Alternatively, the client may provide login details for a domain already purchased. Please note that a full domain management service console must be accessible.

Website Construction

I develop the website and its structure based on the needs and goals of the business.

I use Material Design for the graphical user interface.

I provide advanced, customisable forms using modern web technologies that are user friendly, fast, responsive and secure.

Content such as logos, imagery and copy need to be provided by the client otherwise I can help arrange via third parties.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I use fundamental best practices, including the use of structured data, for search engine optimization.

This makes it easy for search engines such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to locate your content and determine its relevance to a user's search term.

To gain a basic understanding of what SEO best practices I use you can download and review Google's Search Engine Optimization Starer Guide

Social Media Integration

My websites are developed to work with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

By using protocols such as Open Graph and Schema.org, social media applications that also use these protocols are able to format and present the content on your website in a way that is optimised for their platform.

You can also link to any social media pages you own or manage from your domain.

Fully Managed Blog

I provide a fully managed blog service.

I charge content updates and blog administration in 15 minute blocks. The time required for content updates is dependant on the standard of content provided by the client.

I can also provide content copywriting and editing services via a professional third party. I can also assist in sourcing relevant stock imagery.

Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy is important, as is displaying your commitment to privacy and making your privacy statement easily accessible to your users.

If you can not provide a privacy policy then a standard privacy policy statement will be provided as part of my services. This privacy policy will need to be reviewed and signed off by you.

SSL Certificates

SSL is a security feature used to establish encrypted communications between a server and a browser. This helps protect your users against third parties intent on intercepting data.

Sites that use the https:// prefix in their URL are using SSL.

You will also see a padlock on the browser address bar indicating the connection is secure.

Deployed on Google Cloud

The websites I create and manage are deployed and maintained by me on a private Google Compute Engine instance.

This means I control not only the site but also the virtual server it runs on, which in turn allows me to optimise the site for performance and security.

Web Developer Support

I provide web developer support should you need to add functionality using third party Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or any other modifications to new or existing pages that require web programming.

For web development support I charge in 15 minute blocks and offer an estimated cost of services prior to implementing requests.

Google My Business Setup

Google My Business is your business listing on Google. It appears when people are searching for your business on Google Search and Maps.

Your establishment fee includes the setting up of your Google My Business listing.

I also offer to manage and maintain your My Business listing after setup and charge in 15 minute blocks. I also offer an estimated cost of services prior to implementing requests.

G Suite Account Setup

G Suite provides Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Calendar for Business and more, all linked to your domain name.

This means you can enjoy all the benefits and features of a Gmail business account using your own domain and get access to support.

Your establishment fee includes the setting up of your G Suite account for which I can provide additional administrative support. I charged in 15 minute blocks.

Data Studio Reports Setup

Google analytics allows you to gain tremendous insight into your website use and customer experience.

I set up a Google Analytics account which is connected to your G Suite account. I also set up a standard live report using Google’s Data Studio, allowing clients to get access to analytical data easily and in a visually engaging medium.

Additional Analytics administration and custom reporting is charged in 15 minute blocks.

Why should you employ my website services?

The way we use the internet has changed dramatically over the years. As the Internet and ways we connect to it evolve it is important for businesses to stay up to date with technology and standards. Small business owners need solutions that are modern, relevant, easy to budget, easy to manage and hassle free to implement.

I provide websites as a service not a product. This puts the onus on me to stay up to date and relevant. It also means I manage, implement and maintain the website and its requirements so small business owners don't have to.

  • Reasons you should hire my website services.
  • I'm a Google certified AdWords Search, Analytics and Mobile Sites specialist
  • I create and maintain fast, secure and highly optimised sites that run on Google's Compute Engine.
  • As a web developer I can fully integrate my other services such as AdWords account management and G Suite administration with my website services.
  • I provide up to date user reports on demand.
  • Fast turn around on updates and changes.
  • I provide domain management services.
  • Search engine optimisation is included.
  • I don't lock you into a contract.