How I work with you to provide a website that is clean, intuitive, fast and responsive

Success for you and your business means success for me and mine. I believe in partnerships, which is why I am committed to transparency, never locking you into a contract and providing you a high standard of ongoing service.

I provide small businesses websites as a fully managed month to month service, not a product.

I am constantly reviewing the state of web development technology and align myself as closely as possible with industry leaders such as Google. The sites I deploy are built on a WordPress framework I have developed. As improvements are made to my framework and new features become available, they also become available to my clients. This ensures your business website remains up to date, responsive and relevant to consumer needs.

  • How it works.
  • We meet either in person or by using services such as Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • I learn about your business, your customers and your business needs.
  • Together we work out what services you need me to provide. In addition to my website services you may integrate my AdWords management services.
  • I collate what content and assets you can provide, or alternatively arrange for professional third parties to produce content for you. Costings of content creation is determined prior to setup.

    Please note that while you do not own the website, you will own the content you provide or have had created via a hired professional. Any licenced stock images I provide that are licenced to me remain my own.

  • Once content becomes available I create your small business website using Material Design and a structure that meets the business goals effectively.

    This is a collaborative process that requires feedback from the client throughout development.

  • Once the website is ready and signed off by the client, the client's domain will point to the new site.
  • Once the website is live I will set up the G Suite account and attach it to the domain. Then setup the Google My Business listing.
  • I set up and share with you the links to your customised reports. These are available on demand and you can save them as a browser bookmark.
  • We go live with your website, optimising and amending as necessary.