Attract and retain customers by providing helpful information the moment they search for your business

When someone finds your business online make sure it counts

As part of my website services I setup and offer to administer your free Google My Business listing on your behalf. Your own the listing. I do the work.

I can help you share information such as your trading hours, photos of your products and services, photos of your locations, your contact details, links to specific pages on your site, appointments, events and more...

Build customer loyalty by engaging with them online

Customer reviews are a key feature of your Google My Business listing. Positive reviews help influence a consumer's decision to do business with you. As the owner of the business listing you will have management rights and be able to directly respond to reviews as they occur.

Gain insights into how people find your business

As the owner of the business listing you will receive free monthly reports to help you discover how customers are interacting with your Google My Business listing. How did they find you? Where did they come from? Are they new or returning? Did they call? Did they ask Google Maps for directions?

Business man at computer browsing Google's My Business page

Why should you employ my website services?

The way we use the internet has changed dramatically over the years. As the Internet and ways we connect to it evolve it is important for businesses to stay up to date with technology and standards. Small business owners need solutions that are modern, relevant, easy to budget, easy to manage and hassle free to implement.

I provide websites as a service not a product. This puts the onus on me to stay up to date and relevant. It also means I manage, implement and maintain the website and its requirements so small business owners don't have to.

  • Reasons you should hire my website services.
  • I'm a Google certified AdWords Search, Analytics and Mobile Sites specialist
  • I create and maintain fast, secure and highly optimised sites that run on Google's Compute Engine.
  • As a web developer I can fully integrate my other services such as AdWords account management and G Suite administration with my website services.
  • I provide up to date user reports on demand.
  • Fast turn around on updates and changes.
  • Domain name management is included.
  • Search engine optimisation is included.
  • I provide up to date reports on demand.
  • I don't lock you into a contract.