Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Google third party partner and what does it mean for you?

A third party partner is a professional who is devoted to building, maintaining and optimising your AdWords account. There are many types of third parties available. A third party can be a single person web consultant such as myself, a large advertising agency, or a business directory publisher. For a detailed overview and guide to working with Google partners and third parties please consult Google’s Advertiser Guide: Working with third parties.

How long does it take to complete a project?

The amount of time required to complete a project will depend on the services required, the amount of content creation required,  and my availability. I would expect a turnaround time of anywhere between 1 – 12 weeks from the time I become available. This does not take into consideration any client side delays.

As far as products and services are concerned, what do you own outright?

You own any content and assets provided by you or purchased via a third party creator.

You own all Google accounts managed by me. (AdWords, G Suite, My Business Listings etc).

As far as products and services are concerned, what don’t you own outright?

I provide websites as a service using a WordPress framework I have created, using several licensed assets I have purchased. My framework and any assets it uses are not available for resale.

While you own any content you provided or purchased separately via a creator, I own the website and any licensed stock content provided by me.

How is Billing for Google Services handled?

For AdWords the business owner must provide a credit or debit card that can be attached to the account to cover the AdWords advertising budget. My management services are charged separately.

I handle the billing for Google’s G Suite under my G Suite administration and website services.