Be found and be seen

One of the most critical, and competitive moments for a small businesses is when a potential customer takes to the internet and types in their first search query. Most consumers conduct online research before they are ready to make a purchase. They jump online to get ideas, collate information and get inspired. At this point on their path to purchase they are still considering new brands and new experiences. Being seen at this moment is crucial. By showing up early and presenting the right message you can set potential customers on a pathway to your door.

As your AdWords account manager I can help you get noticed early!

Potential customer researching services on a laptop

Make decisions based on data, not instinct

One of the greatest benefits to online digital marketing is that it enables you to measure your advertising performance far more accurately than traditional print methods.

AdWords can show you how many people see, click or call from your ads. In addition to this, I can make use of tracking tools to see what actions customers take once they get to your website.

Google Adwords, combined with Google Analytics, also provides rich anonymous data about your consumers such as their location, devices used, search queries, demographics and connection type.

As your AdWords account manager I will help you stay informed and show you how your ads are doing at any time. You will be able to access the data you need and on demand, using customised, easy to read reports I create using Google's Data Studio.

Be smart. Use data to understand your audience.

Data display on different media including tablet and paper

Reach customers on all devices

It's a mobile, multi-device world. Customers are using desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices interchangeably to search, browse and buy their desired products and services. Today's consumers also want hyper-relevant, faster, and more seamless experiences across these devices.

In short, you need to be there when they are searching, browsing or buying regardless of what device they turn to.

As your AdWords account manager I will make sure your ads are optimised for all devices and your budget is being spent more on devices that lead to higher returns on your advertising investment.

Combined with my website services I can ensure your potential customers are not just finding you on search, but also having a seamless, unified experience once they land on your business web page.

A desk with a laptop, tablet and mobile phone

Why should you hire me for Google AdWords account management?

When it come to advertising online, going it alone is both time consuming and risky. Unless you are well trained in AdWords' best practises and web development in general, your advertising efforts will reap limited returns.

  • Reasons you should hire me to manage your AdWords account.
  • I create and maintain highly optimised campaigns.
  • I am also a web developer and can fully integrate AdWords with my website services.
  • I provide full transparency. You own your AdWords account and can access it at any time.
  • I provide up to date reports on demand.
  • I provide one to one consulting and a high standard of service.
  • I don't lock you into a contract.

* The advertised monthly service fee for my AdWords management services covers one physical location only. The cost for managing multiple locations is the (number of locations) x (monthly AdWords management fee)