How I work with you as your AdWords account manager

Success for you and your business means success for me and mine. I believe in partnerships, which is why I am committed to transparency and never locking you into a contract.

  • How it works.
  • We meet either in person or by using services such as Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • I learn about your business, your customers and your business needs.
  • Together we work out what services you need me to provide. In addition to AdWords you may integrate my website services.
  • I research the most relevant search terms related to your service and business location. I also research the existing market for ad space and existing competition.
  • We discuss your initial campaign and establish your budget requirements. Please note that Ad spend is not re-billed. The Google AdWords account is yours and linked directly to your business credit or debit card. Google will invoice you directly.
  • I create and target your ad campaigns around the keywords and opportunities we agreed upon. Ads are linked to landing pages optimized and created by me, or provided by you.
  • If you hire my website services I set up conversion tracking on landing pages. Otherwise I provide you the required tracking code to provide your preferred web developer.
  • I set up and share with you the links to your customised reports. These are available on demand and you can save them as a browser bookmark.
  • We go live with your campaigns, monitor the results, optimising and amending as necessary.
  • Explore additional advertising opportunities and create additional campaigns over time.