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Cameron Kellett

I help small businesses and self employed professionals develop, promote and manage their online presence

Hi, I'm Cameron.

For the past few years I have been working as the media, marketing and website administrator for a leading Canberra based physiotherapy clinic, Hawker Place Physiotherapy and Pilates.

During that time I have learned a lot about the challenges small businesses face. Especially when it comes to staying competitive and relevant to modern day consumer needs - effectively making use of today's high degree of Internet dependence.

We are connected like never before. The technical landscape for all businesses, regardless of size, is changing incredibly fast. We increasingly rely on cloud computing, web and mobile applications as well as social media to shop, store, process, compete, communicate and administer our businesses. If small businesses are to thrive, small business owners need to be on top of their technical game. A task much easier said than done.

With big business paying big dollars for top tier services and hiring teams of employees to develop, promote and manage their online presence, there is little talent left over for small business. The impact of this skills shortage is evident in the number of severely outdated, poorly developed and under-utilised websites and social media platforms, that exist within the small business community. It is also common to find small businesses using outdated software and hardware systems. Small business owners are typically hesitant to fork out the required investment of time and money for upgrades, despite the increased availability and cost effectiveness of cloud based solutions. This is because small business owners often lack the skills and knowledge required to implement these modern solutions.

So what is the solution?

When I started at Hawker Place Physiotherapy and Pilates, I began looking at ways to overcome these challenges. In doing so, something became immediately clear. Commercial services such as web development, online marketing, and general technical support available to small business is often outdated, expensive and in many cases inadequate.

When it comes to building an online presence, small businesses generally have two options. Do it yourself or hire the services of a company or agency. In my experience, the do it yourself options are typically outdated, slow and time consuming. When it comes to hiring the services of an agency or company, it’s often more of the same; only more costly. The industry is also obsessed with marketing lingo and technical jargon, most of which only confuses small business owners, in turn creating a barrier to transparency and understanding.

My role in the family run practice was to help transition the business to cloud based platforms such as Xero® and Google’s G Suite® while also modernising our online presence and use of online advertising. A process made easier due to my studies in computing, programming, database modeling, electronic media development and desktop publishing - skill sets that a small business would typically struggle to access. As such I was able to do the majority of work myself and learned a lot in the process. Along the way I also became a certified Google AdWords, Analytics and Mobile Sites specialist and am currently working to become a Certified Google Partner.

Today, my services generate at least one third of the business’s new customers, enable effortless access so customers can find and interact with the business, and allow staff to facilitate simple and effective intra-office communication.

Having seen and experienced the challenges small businesses face, I have decided to make my skills available to small businesses and self employed professionals. I believe that by aligning myself as closely as possible with cost effective industry leaders and innovators such as Google, I can help small businesses stay competitive, relevant to modern day consumer needs and effectively make use of today's high degree of connectivity.

It is my goal to bring modern, cost effective technical solutions that can help small businesses grow, live long, and prosper.